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The Pooch Patio is a one-of-a-kind facility offering pet owners a convenient, all-encompassing alternative for quality professional pet services at a competitive price. Our goal is to pamper pooches with the highest quality of services by friendly, attentive staff that provide personalized care every time. We know we have succeeded when we make our four-legged guests wag, bark and drool and we make their owners bring them back.... again and again.


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We recognize that we can make a client growl for one reason or another on occasion, but we want to make every effort to ensure that they leave happy, and more importantly, that we retain their business. In an effort to maintain our high levels of customer service, please reach out and bark at us about your experience as soon as possible.


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"I have been a loyal client coming to The Pooch careful and loving in the care of my dog Carly as I would be in my own home. The standards for the safety and well being of the dogs is exceptional. As a physician, I appreciate the diligence around vaccinations and attention to the health of all the day care clients. I trust the staff could identify a problem if one occurred and would have great judgment about getting in touch with me and getting Carly the care or attention she might need."

Carol Croft


"When your dogs are like your kids, you want to know they are in good hands when they’re not at home. The staff is not only very professional, but they genuinely care as much as I do about Codi and Gracie. It shows in everything they do. They are also extremely accommodating. I travel and don’t always control my schedule but have never had a problem with last minute changes and or additions. They offer pick-up and drop-off, Sunday hours and even home visits if needed. The bottom line is that I trust The Pooch Patio to take care of my girls and recommend them highly."

Merrill Squires


"As a dog trainer, I recommend the Pooch Patio to all my clients. It’s a great place to relax over coffee or a glass of wine and socialize your dog in a safe, secure environment. The patio is double gated, which provides a high level security if you choose to have your dog off leash. I often meet my clients at the Pooch Patio for one on one training to help their dogs learn proper social behavior. April and her staff are very friendly and accommodating, not to mention "passionate about dogs." They take great care of their pooches in both day care and boarding. You will love the Pooch Patio!"

Rebecca Jones, Dog Behavioral Therapist & Trainer, Bark Busters Dallas

"After relocating to Dallas and realizing that city life here was much different from where I was from, I realized I needed help during the day with Sam, my adorable Maltese-Shitzu mix, while I was working. Normally I would return home over lunch but this was no longer an option and I hated to leave him inside all day. Hence I started out my search for a "Doggy Day Care"; I reviewed and called several not overly impressed with any of the options. On a whim I was searching and came across "The Pooch Patio" and was drawn to the detail and information on their website. After speaking at length with the owner April I was assured this was Sam’s new home away from home. Not only have I used the day care but also the home visits from Paws Pet Services. I can only say that my experiences have been nothing but excellent! Sam enjoys day care and is always happy to see Ms. April and Ms. Carrie; the staff treats Sam like family and nothing could make me feel more comfortable as a pet owner or give me more peace of mind. The facility is clean, fun and also very well organized. I also enjoy seeing everyone each morning and afternoon and am greeted like family. The Pooch Patio has been a blessing to me and I never worry about Sam while he is their care. Great job you guys!!!"

Tami Golden, Sam’s Mom


"Our Maltese/Yorkie mix, Maya, absolutely loves the Pooch Patio. We drop her off to April and the gang several times a week for play day with the other small dogs, and she always comes home happy and tired. Everybody we’ve met at The Patio are dog lovers and it shows. It's great peace of mind to know that they are giving your pet as much love as you give them at home. Maya also loves getting groomed and bathed at The Pooch Patio and she always comes home looking fantastic!!"

Thad and Stephanie Toups


"I rescued a miniature female poodle, who was fearful of people and other dogs. I love her in spite of this, and recognized that she needed socialization, and a dog behaviorist. after successfully working with Rebecca Jones of bark busters, we used the wonderful Pooch Patio day care, to teach her socialization skills. The changes in her behavior have been amazing, she looks forward to day care at The Pooch Patio. The most important to me, is the fact that the owner, April Prohaska, screens and assesses each dog, to insure no dogs in her daycare or boarding has aggression issues. The dogs are constantly supervised, and dog owners can log on and watch their dogs on 2 web cameras, this won me over. I couldn't be more pleased, and will continue to use The Pooch Patio for socialization."

Gabe S.


"My fiance and I have been extremely happy leaving our dog Chance at The Pooch Patio for our out of town trips and day care! We frequently leave town and our past experiences at other boarding places usually resulted in us picking up a highly anxious, extremely smelly, and 5-7 pound thinner dog after our long weekend trips. It was clear to us that she was stressed and not eating as normal while gone, which in turn also stressed us out as owners. Luckily, we found The Pooch Patio, where Chance also attends bi-weekly doggie daycare, to board Chance while out of town. My experiences with the staff is always professional, their hours of operation are very flexible which makes it easy for me to drop off/pick up. Most importantly, we feel very comfortable that she is in good hands! Chance is no longer starving or stressed when we pick her up which brings us a great deal of peace when we know that we have to leave town."

Tara B.


"I travel a lot and the comfort I feel from the good care and treatment that my best friend gets at the Pooch Patio is great. As an engineer traveling the world, it is the best way to take care of my bulldog; it doesn't matter if I am in Asia, Australia, Europe, South America, the Middle East or Russia, I can always tune into see my buddy on the dog-cam and make sure he is ok. It's a really great feeling to check Gavin from far away. He jumps out of my truck and runs to the front door when we drive up to the Pooch Patio, he loves it, but don't take my word for it - take his!"

Kevin Ward

"Finding The Pooch Patio was my greatest find yet! Thanks to Pooch Patio, Patches, my two year old shih-tzu, can get all his energy out during the day at doggie daycare in a friendly, clean, safe, and fun environment. I leave him there without ever worrying about his safety. In addition, Patches gets groomed and bathed at Pooch Patio, always coming out smelling great and looking handsome! But, that’s not all! Pooch Patio is also my first choice when I need to board Patches overnight when I leave town. He has the freedom to play at day care and isn’t locked up in a cage all day, and he is with dog lovers who care about him. What more can I ask for in a home away from home for my baby boy? Not much! I highly recommend Pooch Patio. There’s no other place like it, and your dog will love it there!"

Lauren Golman



"I have used The Pooch Patio for my two dogs for day care and baths since 2009. My dogs are my children and April and her staff are amazing and treat our dogs like family. Whether they need some socialization during the day when I am working long hours, or a day at the doggie spa, I have comfort knowing they are in the best hands possible. They are the best!"

Kam Naidoo, Law Office of Kamlesan Naidoo, PLLC

I have been going to the pooch 9 years utilizing their doggie day care, boarding and grooming services.I can rely on them to be as careful and loving with regard to the care of my dog Carly as I am. The standards for the safety and well-being of the dogs is exceptional. As a physician, I appreciate the diligence around vaccinations and attention to the health of all the daycare clients. I trust the staff could identify a problem if one occurred and would have great judgment about getting in touch with me and getting Carly the care or attention she might need.

C.C., Dallas

"Absolutely loved it here! We held a Gotcha/Birthday Party this past Sunday and The Pooch Patio now has lots of new fans! Seating was plentiful and Sarah was awesome to work with. We had a wide range of drinks: mimosa, coffee, tea, and lattes. Everyone enjoyed the drinks. The dogs loved the specialty ordered pupcakes. I'm very happy with the prices, the environment, and the people at Pooch Patio. We will definitely be back with the gorgeous weather we've been having!"

Cynthia H.


"I adopted a 2 year-old rescue Great Pyrenees two weeks ago and as Pooch Patio is a hop, step and a jump from my front door, the choice was obvious. I'll preface by saying that I have visited once before, as non-dog owner to have Mimosas. I took my dog to his first round of Doggy Daycare the Sunday prior to my most recent visit. As my primary point behind taking him was to begin socialization, they kindly and attentively listened to my first time dog owner concerns; i.e., he is great around people (even strangers) but I have no clue about other canines. They staff took the time to educate and make me feel comfortable about the process, including alternative actions if he became antsy or aggressive. When I picked him up that evening, they took the time to give me a debrief of his stay, inclusive of his behavior. This made me feel very comfortable about their operations as they genuinely care about the experience of both the dog and human; further, it provided me with some action items to work on at home. Yesterday and almost a week later, I took him back for his second Doggy Daycare stay, along with a bath- I knew going in that this instance would be more of a challenge as there are many more dogs in-stay on a Friday versus a Sunday. As to establish the best possible foundation and as I was one of the first arrivals, the staff came up with the idea of cordoning him off as to allow for a simply introduction when the other large breeds arrived. (I should probably mentioned that my dog is big and that they separate by size...) This thoughtfulness and prudence again gave me 100% confidence and trust in their methods. Throughout his stay the staff could tell that he was a bit scared and insecure about being around so many other dogs; they attempted to introduce him to the "pack" on 3 separate times but the result was him showing aggression (no dogs were hurt) as a result of his insecurity. In the end, they chose that it would be best, for him and the other dogs, if he were separated for the remainder of his stay. The staff called my cell-phone to advise me of their attempts, the results and their plans to separate him for the remainder of his stay; again this directly lead to 100% confidence in them as they showed care for my dog and the pack. Mind you that I want my dog to become socialized, but definitely not at the expense of someone else's pet. Moreover, they took additional time on the phone call and offered theories as to the root-cause of his behavior and ideas for assistance (i.e., training). They also notified me that they were NOT pushing the kill-switch (mind you he didn't hurt anyone or any dog) on possible future experiences (post-training and remediation of this behavior, insecurity, etc.) at Pooch Patio.

WOW, this business and its people care!

So in recap of their awesomeness:

1) They listened to my concerns and help to comfort a new dog owner

2) Debriefed me with the right information, after each stay

3) Gave theories and advice based on their observations of him and experience in the industry

4) Provided a training/coaching referral and the possible opportunity to circle-back once my dog and I have worked this out

5) And as for the grooming = Home Run. He looks fantastic

Whether or not my dog and I work this out and make another attempt, I will refer the Pooch Patio to everyone I know without reservation. Solid work folks and I'll definitely be returning for more grooming!"

Adam S.


"I was tired of the crappy grooming job my dog kept experiencing at the Petco's on Lovers Lane, so I finally searched around for a new place. Glad I did! My dog is a shih tzu and I wanted him to have a short cut, teddy bear face, and his ears cleaned inside. The apt. desk at Pet Pooch was so friendly and patient in hearing exactly what I wanted for my dog. They fit me in quickly, and I dropped my dog off the following day. Upon arrival, the place was inviting and friendly. I left feeling that my dog was in good hands. When I picked up Shucks, he was so handsome!!! I liked that he got a "report card" of his basic health, behavior, and comments from the groomer. I was excited that I paid the same price I had been paying at Petco yet got TERRIFIC results. The Pooch Patio did an amazing job with customer service, attention to detail, and loving my animal! I will be bringing Shucks back to the Pooch Patio from now on! Glad I found a great grooming place finally in Dallas!!!"

Deanna F.


"Why there aren't many more places like this, I do not know. Where else can you bring your dog to chill on the deck on a sunny afternoon, meet new people/dogs, have a Bellini or other tasty beverage, buy your pup some gourmet treats or brand name knockoff PET COLOGNE (weird, but still unique), get your dog bathed or groomed--or do it yourself! PLUS they have doggie day care! They've got lots of other fun stuff for sale too!"

Tricia C.


"My dog Bella has been a regular at Pooch Patio for over five years. The staff is outstanding and treat my dog like she is their own personal pet. Bella also gets groomed at The Pooch on a monthly basis. Bella may not like the experience of grooming (what dog does), but she loves the grooming staff which says a lot."

Carol T.

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